Different Status For Product With Add On Functions

This is the short description for any product post. Write a short description for the product here in not less than 300 words. This will create a unique content for your product - giving the extra boost from search engine results.

The first image will always be the product thumbnail image. Images after wards will be grouped & displayed as supporting thumbnail images. Images inside the box section below will not be grouped.

Edit  accordingly the product data ie prices, options, before price using the date section below. For options values refer HTML comments included.

Use "Jump Break" to prevent Blogger auto pagination restrictions to display posts on single pages. By default the "Jump Break" has been assigned.

Edit & remove sample texts her if not in use.

Option size & color available on PRO versions. Get 1 now!

$ 85.00
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This is a tab-section Edit the text within this box/table in Blogger editor easily & this panel automatically displays & styled automatically on product pages. Use Blogger "Remove Formatting" functions to remove copied & paste texts alignment, fonts, text colours & text styles etc.

Images included inside this box will not be grouped as product image display at product pages.

Float images left, right & center to help align & style this section here.

This section is very useful in providing informational details for a particular product. Use this as your standard/repeated product size & dimensions section. Adding a table within this section is not semantic & will break the product display layout styles.

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